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Journal of Structural Heart Disease

The New Technical Format for the Journal

  • A hybrid web-tablet format focused on a touch interface though still usable on traditional computers.
  • High quality video and audio
  • Interactive 2D images with planned support for native 3D models
  • Novel applications will be encouraged for development, presentation, and dissemination in JSHD
  • Digital libraries with open access will be built to support media content
    • Educational videos for use at the bedside
    • Libraries of videos portraying patient experiences

The scope will include all adults with structural, valvular, and congenital heart diseases. It is anticipated that this journal will cover imaging related to interventional therapies for these disorders. Imaging has become one of the most important aspects in this discipline. In addition to imaging, of course, the main focus will be on the treatment aspects of all congenital, valvular, and structural heart disease in the adult patient. This certainly will include the aortic valve, the aortic arch, the mitral valve, the left atrial appendage, the atrial septum (ASDs/PFOs), the tricuspid valve, the ventricular septum (VSD), the right ventricle outflow tract, the pulmonic valve and the branch pulmonary arteries and any miscellaneous topics not covered under these subheadings. Although the focus will be on “catheter therapies,” the journal will also cover basic science articles, natural history and surgical management.

Journal of Structural Heart Disease

Volume 5, Issue 3, June 2019