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Journal Content and Features

The content is intended to reflect the broad multidisciplinary scope of the journal.

The journal will be divided into separate sections covering the entire gamut of structural and congenital heart disease in the adult patient.

The following sections will cover:

  1. Valvular heart disease, including all four cardiac valves.
  2. The left atrial appendage.
  3. Septal defects, including ASD/PFO/VSD and PDA.
  4. The aortic arch and branch pulmonary arteries
  5. Miscellaneous topics (anomalies of coronary arteries, Fontan patients, Mustard patients, etc.)
  6. New technologies
  7. "How I Do It" (A purely technical feature, for both surgical and interventional techniques.)
  8. "My Nightmare case in the cath lab"! A very important and honest presentation of cases that either ended well or not…what lessons we have learnt from these cases.
  9. "Ask the Editors" (A feature in which readers ask questions of the Editors in any of the topic categories of the journal. One editor or more may reply. This provides an opportunity to get detailed answers to difficult questions; questions will be selected to be of general interest to readers.) 
  10. State-of-the Art Reviews (Key authors and key topics are summarized, with references.)
  11. PRO-CON Debates (Key authors and key topics are debated by authorities, followed by an editor’s scorecard on the debate.)
  12. Basic Science for the Clinician (A basic scientist explains in intelligible terms methods, techniques, and concepts from the basic sciences. This feature permits cross-fertilization of ideas and enhances communication between scientists and clinicians.)
  13. Book Reviews
  14. Upcoming Meetings (Lists meetings within the scope of the journal.)
  15. On-going Clinical Trials (This feature provides a running list of clinical trials currently enrolling patients with various diseases related to the scope of the journal.)
  16. Letters to the Editor